Computer Countdown Timer

Computer Countdown Timer

Notice: You have exactly before this special offer expires

Do you sell a product or service from a web site? Are you the webmaster for someone who sells a product or service? Are you someone looking for inexpensive, quality software, with Master Resell Rights, that you can sell and make a profit from? If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions then do yourself a favor...and continue reading!

Countdown Creator is capable of increasing sales activity on web sites, right down to the second! Imagine searching for a product you desire, locating it, and then learning that a 'super deal' on that product, EXPIRES IN TEN MINUTES....with you watching the 'countdown!' You can't seem to move fast enough getting through that checkout! *whew*...just made it with minutes to spare....good for you!

It's a marketing ploy that has proven to be effective, time after time. Establish a date or, in this case, a time, that a special offer will expire, and you can motivate the masses! That's exactly what Countdown Creator does for you....cleanly, easily and effectively! It establishes a 'time of expiration' and refreshes itself with every new visit without any additional input from you!!! Look at the above example folks! It's sweet...and it works!

Computer Countdown Timer

Now that we know what it does, how can I make money from it? I'm glad you asked. Countdown Creator comes with Resell Rights, meaning you can sell it to your customers as well! If that's not enough, you can now get your own branded version of Countdown Creator, complete with your links, company name, logo and icon! The details for this come with Countdown Creator.

With the Countdown Creator you'll be able to:

  • Control the font size, color and face
  • Dictate the amount of time to countdown
  • Specify the message of your choice
  • Offer 'specials' each and every day, without any effort on your part (unless you call clicking a mouse button
  • Increase sales of your product or service
  • Resell this package and get your money back
  • Easy to use
  • Works each and every time

We now offer a very special bonus to this program! We had considering offering it as a stand alone solution but it meshes so well with Countdown Creator that we decided to include it for free!! It's called Countdown Timer and it will countdown to any date and time you set it to. You receive the code to copy and paste anywhere in your webpage you'd like. Here's an example of what you can do with it:

  days   hours    minutes   and seconds

Computer Countdown Timer

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