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Dear Friend,

Their is one primary reason people are on the Internet.

They are looking for information!

...and here's how to profit from it:

First, sell information customers already want and are willing to pay money for, and second...

Use their email interests to promote the information they want that you are selling! (not SPAM, but targeted email).

Sounds easy doesn't it? It actually is easy if you follow those two simple steps.

Their information you sell can be in the forms of reports, manuals, books, or ebooks. The choice is yours. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages. But in any case...

You've Got To Have Information To Offer
For Sale That Customers Want!

If you're a writer, there are fewer obstacles. But since you're probably not a writer, you need a source of ready to sell information that's profitable and has customer appeal. You need a product that can get you sales on the Internet FAST! You don't have weeks...months...even years to spend creating a product from scratch. And even if you do, here's what happens.

After all that work, you discover the market isn't buying what you're selling. All that time and energy is lost. Gone. Time and effort you'll never recover. But what if there was a way to get started quickly. What if there was a way to easily create a "push-button-automatic" way to create products...even entire websites...BEFORE you've spent a ton of time and money creating a product. Sound impossible?

Well I can assure you it's not.

First, this is an amazing collection of products that are already selling on the Internet. There are more than 80 ebooks, many with ready-to-load websites filled with tried and proven copy. Websites that are PROVEN SELLERS! In fact, several of the ebooks and sites in the collection have made well over $100,000.00 in the last few months for their owners.

Why Would You Want To Use Sites
That Have Been Seen Before?

Simple. Because they work and make money!

It's the beginner that says he can't make money selling a product other people sell as well. That's not true. It's better to sell a product that has a proven market and pocket the cash, while you develop your own exclusive product.

That's why this package has some PROVEN products that may not be new to you, but I can assure you that they are new EVERY DAY to thousands of folks who have just gotten interested and started their hunt for information about marketing and making money on the Internet or by Mail Order.

So you'll find a humongous collection of ebooks in this collection. Some, you just give away as free bonuses to make your offers more appealing, and others are full stand-alone products.

You'll find $34.00 products in this collection that were recently released, and you'll find some that have been around for awhile. They can both mean additional sales and profits for you!

How do I know? Because some of the most successful marketers in the business still offer these products at small "money machine" sites.


And You'll Discover New Ways To Profit You've Overlooked

For a number of years, publishers have gobbled up the CD-ROMs with a collection of one and two page reports. For prices up to $149.00 (and often much less) you could get a collection of these reports to sell from $1 to $5. Problem was, most buyers never found a way to make a dime except by selling these discs to other buyers. But that's changed.

See, it's not that these reports weren't any good (o.k, some were shameful). But you just can't make money anymore by selling a $3.00 report by mail. So here's what makes this collection different.

Not only will you find the more than 80 ebooks and manuals that you can start off selling to make money immediately, but you'll find a collection of reports and multi-page manuals even larger on those "publisher" discs. You can easily take the contents of those simple collections of reports that have been around for ages, and turn them into complete ready-to-sell products over the Internet or by Mail Order. It' true, and it's easy to do, too!



Over $1,725.00 In Reprint Rights

Frankly, it's hard to pinpoint the value of the information in this collection. Even if you just read and used the publications for your own education, this disc would be worth a fortune. No doubt about that.

But if you're going to market the information, well the skies the limit. But what I do know is that there's a TON OF VALUE IN THIS PACKAGE, unlike any other previous collection! The value of the reprint rights keeps changing, because each time I revise the package, I add more material. But $1,725.00 in value is a conservative statement. And at an unbelievable low price of only $17.

That's just pennies per product! What publisher or seller on the Internet or by Mail Order could afford to be without this source of ideas, information, free reports, bonus ebooks and manuals?

You Get More Than $1500.00 In eBooks
You'll get dozens of ebooks to supercharge your own profits, plus you'll get the right to reprint and sell these without paying another cent! Including ready-to-go websites for many of the ebook included in this collection.

If you only got the ebooks alone, the Digital Publisher's Secret Weapon CD-ROM would be a steal! But there's so much more on this disc. You'll get a file cabinet full of those special reports, but this time you'll discover they have value in a way you might not have recognized before. You'll see them as Building Blocks, and you'll get a set of blocks that would drive any kid crazy. A giant set. Not 450...650...even 750. Get this.

1,500 "Building Block" Reports
How To Get Free Publicity • Checklist For Going Into Business • How To Get Ideas • How To Collect Debts • How To Get Free Advertising • How To Get Free Radio Advertising • How To Finance And Start A Home-Based Business • Words With Sales Appear • How To Make Money With A Video Camera • How To Make Money At Home With Your Computer • How To Write A Business Plan • and more than 1,450 more you can copy, change and use in any way you want to add to products you already have, or to SELL or GIVEAWAY as FREE BONUSES to promote traffic at your website or exchange for mailing or email addresses. You get rights to every single report in this encyclopedia.

And I've Only Scratched The Surface!
There's So Much In This Collection You Won't Believe Your Eyes!
Here's More...

50 eBooks To Give Away To Customers

These books are overflowing with valuable Inside Information that your customers want and need. And you can provide these as gifts with purchases, or as incentives to get new customer leads, or as free bonus offers to skyrocket the value and appeal of your main product offer. How can you add so much value? Because these ebooks won't cost you a cent to give away.

I could go on and on and tell about the 270+ Business Manuals. These, and a collection of manuals sold on late night television to help you get rich with "tiny little classified ads, are all ready-to-advertise and sell NOW! Frankly, the rights to just one of these manuals is worth more than the price of this entire collection.

Look, by now I'm sure you've read enough. It's obvious you get thousands of pages of information on proven hot topics that you can print or use as digital products to sell over the Internet or by Mail Order.

The amount of high-quality reprint rights you get for only $17 is staggering. You'll save the cost of the package just with the books you wanted to buy, but you'll now own with this collection. Plus you'll have all the other reprint rights and information that you'll use to make even more money!

And speaking of making even more money, if you would like to add this product to your mailing, promotion or even website, purchasers are given dealer RESALE rights to the collection. You'll get compete information with your purchase.

And of course, you get the 100% Guarantee of satisfaction! If the package isn't everything I've described, I want you to return it for a full refund. But I'm not worried. When you are offering reprint rights approaching $2,000.00 for only $17, you get happy customers.


Order access to this amazing ebook package now!

Only $17 today!



P. S. Remember the true value of this package. You will be getting so much good training material, you will have the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in this area if you read it all. Then you'll know how to turn right around and concentrate on the areas of your specific interest and sell like crazy! And all for a price much less than a single class at a local university. I've personally read alot of this material and highly recommend it!

P.P.S. Oh, I almost forgot. You get an entire 90 days to read through all of this material. If you don't feel you got the best ebook deal on the planet, you get you money back!!! So go ahead and get it. What have you got to lose?



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