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How would you like your users to be able to click a button and go right to the exact area of the Windows Help File they need to? You would? Then FM Help is your solution.

A number of solutions we provide are written using the Filemaker Pro database engine. One shortfall of this format is that it provides no way to work with a real Windows type help file. With most programming languages, you have the ability to take the user to the exact location they need to go within the help file. Not with tools like Filemaker Pro... until now.

With FMHelp 1.0, you have full capability to professionally grant your users the exact area of a Window bases help file that they need. And it doesn't take long to set up either. If fact, it's the same solution we reach for when it's time to round off our programs with a help file.

You'll be able to:
Pull up the Contents/Index area of the help file
Allow your users to go exactly where they need to with the click of a mouse button.
Give your solutions a more professional look by using a real Windows help file.

All for only $17.

In case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make this completely "fool-proof" for you. Here's how:

I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with your software. In fact, I'll give you 90 days to try out the software on me! And if you are not 100% satisfied at anytime in that first 3 months, just return the product for a full refund!

To our knowledge, this is the only solution of it's kind.

Go ahead, try FMHelp.

You can download and try it for free or

purchase now from our secure server. What have you got to lose?

For purchase orders, please please fax order to
1.724.850.8187 in the USA

Include quantity and product number: 159941


P. S. Remember, FMHelp is a Windows utility designed to bridge the gap between using Filemaker Pro (or any application) and a true Windows help file. Up to this point, Filemaker developers have had to create help layouts within their Filemaker solution to offer help documentation to their users. With FMHelp, you can call a real Windows help file. In fact you can call a specific part of the help file. This will let you help your user easily access help which pertains to their specific area of navigation!


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