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How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Create More Repeat And Referral Business"


Dear Friend,

If you want to create more business without having to advertise for it, then you need to read every word of this letter very carefully.

Here's a story about Bob the sales person. He works long days like a lot of sales people I know. He spends hours every day on the phone setting appointments with prospects trying to create new possible selling situations for himself and his company. He actually does a pretty good job of it. Every week he meets with anywhere between 5-10 new prospects hoping to sell as many as possible. But as most seasoned salespeople know, the closing percentage on new prospects is quite low. So Bob ends up spending a whole lot of time only to end up closing 1 or 2 sales a week.customer retention strategies

So does this guy Bob sound a little like you? He does? This is actually pretty normal for many sales people. And the higher priced items they sell, the less they end up selling.

The high performance salesperson puts at least as much emphasis on staying in touch with people who are already customers as he/she works to cultivate new customers. But that takes time you say, right? Yes, actually a lot of time which is one reason 98% of all salespeople do little or nothing to follow up with there past customers on a regular basis. But here's exactly why you should stay in touch with them. A repeat buyer stands an 80% greater chance of buying from you again. They already know you, like you, and trust you and your product or service. A past customer that is given a reason to remember your name will also pass it on the family and friends when the opportunity presents itself.

So why wouldn't they buy from you again? Is it because you missed the point they came back into the market for what you offer? So what other choice is there?

The solution is Sell-Max. Sell-Max is a tool that allows salespeople to stay in touch with there past customers in a very personal way over a one to four year period without having to spend more than a total of 10 minutes doing it. Sounds incredible, doesn't it?

The old way to stay in touch with customers would be to call them on the phone once in a while or send them a business letter or newsletter or maybe even an email. But what about something like a birthday card? How about a holiday card for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day or even an anniversary card? How about a phone call to wish them a happy birthday in person? If you were to do all these things yourself, you'd barely ever have time to prospect again. Enter Sell-Max.


"I love the fact that I don't have to spend any time trying to remember if I talked to a certain customer lately or dropped them a line to stay in touch. Sell-Max takes care of it for me. I can't tell you how many times my customers have thanked me for giving them a call on their birthday. I even spoke to only lady and wished her a happy birthday when her husband had forgotten! Oh well, she's the buyer. Thanks again for Sell-Max."

JT Grishum


Sell-Max is a software program that facilitates you being able to do all the stuff listed above and more, all with just a few mouse clicks.

Once you click "Send Order", your customers will begin to receive birthday cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards and more, all signed in ink pen blue or black by you! We will use your scanned signature for this. You will be amazed at how real it looks. You can even have an invitation card sent to your customer's five nearest neighbors! Now that's prospecting! You can word all cards as you want them so say exactly what you need to encourage your customers to buy from you again and again!


"I've been using Sell-Max for a year now and am amazed at how much my past customers come back to me for my services. They really appreciate the personal touch. My scanned signature at the end of each card placed there by the Sell-Max program, looks 100% real. That's good because I'd never have time to sign all these cards myself."

Jenni Corom


Advantages of a good referral and retention tool like SELL-MAX

It will lower the total cost of advertising over time by encouraging current customers to return to you in the future by helping them feel thought of and cared about by you and your company.
Creates an opportunity to up-sell your customer because every card sent will say exactly what you want it to.
It will increase sales commissions to longer term salespeople by helping the customer remember their names.
This tool will also create much more referral business because customers will be reminded of the great experience they had with you and your business for a long time to come. They will not be able to help but tell their friends and family!
You will have the ability to have the cards sent straight to the customer, automatically. Or you can receive them unsealed ahead of time so you can include a business card, promotional item, gift certificate, etc.
You will lock in postage rates.
Daily time needed to cover all customers for entire sales team approximately 5-10 min.


So How Much Is All This Gonna Cost Me?

As you can see by now, the Sell-Max program is an incredible tool that will dramatically increase your repeat and referral business over time.

So, what is the system worth? What's the price?

You can go out and buy your own Hallmark cards at $1.59 each (or more) and sign them and finally mail each and every one of them yourself.

Don't worry it's not going to cost you $1.59 per card or even $1.29 per card. It won't cost anywhere near this amount. In fact, your investment for the ENTIRE SELL-MAX PROGRAM AND just $.99 per card! Yes, I know it's hard to believe but only $.99 per card! And that includes everything but postage (currently .37 per card)

Unfortunately, I don't believe we'll be able to keep the cost this low for much longer. But you still have a little time to take advantage of a great new program at a great price.

  Download Sell-Max free, right now!

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Don't wait. Download the program right away and get started!

P. S. How would you feel if you got a birthday card from the realtor you bought your house from six months ago? Would you feel more like calling that person next time you were in the market? What about a birthday call from your dentist? Do you feel this might prompt you to recommend that person to a friend or family member? You bet it would! You can use the Sell-Max program to do the same things and more for your customers. You will not find a tool like this anywhere else, so download it and start using it today!

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