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From the Computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Monday, 1:59 P.M.
Re: Increasing your affiliate commissions the EASY way

Dear Friend,

I'm appalled. There, I said it. I'm upset about a new trend of affiliate theft that is growing by the minute online.

And, if you'll indulge me just five minutes of your time, I'm going to explain how YOU can avoid being ripped off by affiliate theft artists.

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Play a little game with me. Let's suppose you are promoting the Free Advertising System through your assigned Clickbank "hop" link below...

You spend $125.00 for a solo mailing to a large web marketing list and you wait for the orders to start pouring in.

And they do. Because the Free Advertising System is a hot-seller. And you make a profit.

But, what if you could see behind-the-scenes? What would you see? What you'd see are other sales coming in for the Free Advertising System from members of that same list...

...but with THEIR affiliate name inserted, and THEM earning the commission!

Anyone who knows how the Clickbank affiliate tracking system works, can easily hijack your commissions by inserting their link into the one you placed in the ad. Watch closely...

Let's assume your nickname is "topaffiliate". You publish this ad...

    Discover how to advertise any product or service on a ZERO-dollar budget. The Free Advertising System shows you how to get thousands of other folks promoting your product or service for you...and never spend another penny on advertising again. Visit http://hop.clickbank.net/?yournickname/nocost for all the details.

Now, there will be many interested folks who'll simply click on the link and visit the site and place their order. But, there will also be folks who see that Clickbank link and will simply insert their link into its place...

See how easy it is to "steal" from YOU. Anyone who knows the system can easily insert THEIR link in place of yours and swipe your commission.

But, that's not all...

Even If You Are Using A Redirect,
You Can Easily Be Ripped Off Like This...

For quite a while now, folks have been using "redirect" links to avoid posting the obvious Clickbank "hop" link in any kind of advertising...

    http://www.profitsvault.com/netbreakthroughs.html will automatically redirect anyone clicking onto it over to Terry Dean's Netbreakthroughs site through my affiliate link.
    http://www.profitsvault.com/7dayebook.html will automatically redirect visitors to Jim Edwards 7 Day eBook site through my affiliate link.

These redirect links are easy to setup, and are especially good for advertising purposes. But, they don't solve the problem.

Let's use the 7 Day eBook example above. When you click on the redirect link that I mentioned, guess what happens. You arrive at Jim Edwards site and the browser link looks like this...


Even though it's not my affiliate link itself, the main ingredients for the link are right there in plain view. Again, anyone knowing the system realizes that "thevault" is the referring affiliate and "7dayebook" is the account name for the product vendor.

So, they get their template out and plug things in...

    http://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate/vendor becomes...

They simply insert this link into their browser and arrive back at the same site...

...this time through THEIR referral and not mine!

Anyone who knows the system can easily make the switch.

But, not anymore...

Affiliate Defender CLOAKS Your Affiliate
Links So No One Can Steal From You!

Here's where it comes to a stop! Here's where you fight back and say "no more!" You work hard to generate clicks to your affiliate link. Too hard to let even one sale slip through the cracks.

So, instead of letting someone rip you off by stealing your commission, you're going to begin using Affiliate Defender to HIDE your affiliate links!

Affiliate Defender offers...

v Big-time cloaking and encryption that shuts down almost all affiliate theft by hiding your affiliate links from prying eyes!

Affiliate Defender does two important things to keep folks from pulling the 'ol slip on you. First, this easy-to-use tool CLOAKS your affiliate link for you by using your own website domain name.

For Example: If you are promoting the Free Advertising System through this Clickbank hoplink...

http://hop.clickbank.net/?yournickname/nocost then it becomes http://www.yourdomain.com/freeadvertising.html

Now, here's the really cool part...

  • When someone clicks on your new affiliate link, the link NEVER changes in their browser location window. It doesn't matter how many links they click on at the webpage they are taken to (your affiliate webpage), the location will ALWAYS show as your cloaked affiliate link. No more stealing!
  • In addition, the STATUS bar at the bottom of the browser window is cloaked as well. You see, sharp folks can simply watch that portion of the browser window as the page loads and see exactly what the affiliate link is. Not with Affiliate Defender ! That is cloaked as well, keeping your affiliate link hidden.
  • But, that's not all. This incredible tool also cloaks the various links that are embedded in the affiliate webpage. For example: Affiliate thieves could HOVER their mouse button over the order link and immediately see your affiliate link. Affiliate Defender makes this impossible!
  • And finally, Affiliate Defender encrypts the SOURCE CODE of the affiliate webpage so it doesn't reveal your affiliate link either! If someone was to click on the VIEW tab in the menu bar of the browser and then select to view SOURCE, all they would see is a mess of jumbled code! Your affiliate link is nowhere to be seen!
v Incredible ease and speed...setup your "cloaked" affiliate links in less than 2 minutes with instructions even newcomers can follow!

Affiliate Defender is sooooo amazingly simple to use. And quick. Wow, in less than 2 minutes you can have your own safe and secure, completely hidden affiliate links in place for any program(s) you choose!

It only takes three simple steps to use this tool...

  • STEP ONE: Type your regular affiliate link into the tool.
  • STEP TWO: Copy the "cloaked" code into a webpage HTML.
  • STEP THREE: Upload the webpage.

You're done!

It really is that easy. And, we provide a complete tutorial that shows you exactly how to do these three steps. I'm not exaggerating a bit when I tell you that an affiliate link can be completely cloaked in under 2 minutes. I've done it in 15 seconds myself.

v Unlimited, lifetime use and free updates forever!

When you purchaseAffiliate Defender you'll be able to use the tool to create an unlimited number of cloaked affiliate links. And, you'll have lifetime use of the tool -- no one year renewal fees here! And you'll never pay for updates either -- when new features are added, you'll automatically receive a FREE upgrade to the latest version.

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When you order Affiliate Defender, you have a MASTER reprint rights license to sell the product, or give it away. You can include it in a membership site, bundle it in a package, give it away to visitors at your website, offer it to get new subscribers to your ezine -- whatever you want to do with it!

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GUARANTEE: If Affiliate Defender is not everything that I say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

Wishing you much success online,
Jimmy D. Brown

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