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Once it is set up, Change My Printer will change the default printer on your computer as often as you tell it to.


When the utility is triggered, the printer is changed instantly. It's designed for use with Filemaker Pro but will work for most anything you need it for.

There simply is no way built into Filemaker to change printers within a script. To do so requires you filemaker pluginsto manually switch your printer setting.

Change My Printer has changed all that! With Change My Printer, you can easily change your default printer as many times as you need to automatically by adding 3 simple script items to your program.


"We’ve been really happy with Change My Printer. Once we got it set up properly, it was very straightforward to use. It just works. We’ve had some unusual system configurations, and the customer support from Soft Tech Solutions has been fast and effective. You’ve been great to work with."

Chris Moyer


Your benefits are clear:

- Save time!
- Save frustration!
- Get your print jobs done faster, automatically!


The price is the easy part. A mere $17 per computer.


filemaker plugins

"select printer screen"

In case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make this completely "fool-proof" for you. Here's how:

I personally guarantee that you will be delighted with your software. In fact, I'll give you 90 days to try it out! And if you are not 100% satisfied at anytime in that first 3 months, just return the product for a full refund!

Download Change My Printer to try out free of charge.

Purchase Change My Printer for only $17. 



filemaker plugins



Try out this proven solution now!

P. S. If you have a need to change printers on your local computer or network often, this utility does the job!



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