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Announcing FloatingAds Creator�, a Revolutionary

Money Making Affiliate Marketing Tool.


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Here is an Easy way to make lot of money by promoting your favorite affiliate programs on the Internet.

What we provide you is an easy to use Software Utility that will make you Hundreds of Dollars instead of few cents like Google Adsense� pays. FloatingAds Creator� gives you a new way to make a substantial amount of money from Affiliate Programs.

Get Your Own Money Making Automated Ad System With Master Resale Rights!

What are Floating Ads ?

Floating Ads are basically Cash Generating Ads looks similar to Google's Adsense� but with more Sense, 'floating' on your web page. These Ads re-position itself whenever the page is scrolled. That means, when your website visitor scroll up and down the page, this ads will not go up and down with other contents of the page. These Ads will be there floating on a visible portion to get maximum exposure to the public. Visitors will see Highly Targeted (content based) Randomly selected Ads in your Website on every visit.

You can see examples of FloatingAds here:

Example:1 A horizontal FloatingAd on an Egg Recipes site.

(Press the Refresh/Reload button to see different ads)

Example:2 A Vertical FloatingAd can be seen here: 'lower back pain' page.

You can control the whole system by adding a single line of code in your site Generated by FloatingAd Creator�.


Screen-shot of FloatingAd Code Creation Tool


floatingads creator - affiliate marketing tool

Example of Javascript code generated by this tool:


Just Copy and paste the above code in-between <head> </head> tags of your site and then, load the page in your browser. You can see how it works!

How to make Thousands of Dollars with FloatingAds

FloatingAds Creator lets you promote Thousands of products from ClickBank, Internet Marketing Center, Sitesell.com� and Monthly Commission payers like  BuyingWeb Business, NetBreakthroughs, Internet Marketing Interviews etc by copying and pasting a single line of JavaScript code onto your web pages. You will get upto 75% commission on each sale coming from your Floating Ads.

Your Floating Ads Creater as a Viral Marketing Tool:

In addition to the above benefits, your Floating Ads will work as a Viral Marketin Tool. When people see your FloatingAds, they will also notice the links at the bottom saying "Powered by FloatingAds Creator", and when they click on that link, they will be forwarded to your sales page. Since you get Master Resale Rights to this package, you will get 100% of the Sales coming from those link.

One Sale will give your investment back !!


Only $17 for a limited time

Here is what you get with this Package:-


  • FloatingAds Creator Software

  • FloatingAds Script - You need to Install this script only once - it takes only less than 5 minutes as specified in our step-by-step user manual.

  • A simple utility to customize the whole database with your Affiliate ID on a single click!

  • Step-by-Step User Manual in PDF format.

  • Master Resale Rights.

  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

  • Free Installation of the Script on your server (if necessary)

  • Free Updates for one year - You will get all new versions without any additional charges.


Important points on Floating Ads Creator

  • You don't have to worry about Google's Strict policy any more. You have your own Automated Ad System in hand!

  • You get Easy-to-use FloatingAds Creator Tool. You can create FloatingAds on a mouse click. Just one line of generated code into your website and the Script will do the rest.

  • You can choose different color, orientation and position of Floating Ads

  • New Ads on Every Visit - Your website visitor will see fresh Ads on each visit.

  • Ads will open a new window, so your customers will stay on your site!

  • Hack-Proof Script - Nobody can see the actual source code by verifying your HTML code.

  • Only content-relevant, highly targeted FloatingAds appears.

  • You can place FloatingAds in any number of pages/sites.

  • The updated database will be provided regularly so the best programs always appear in your FloatingAds.

Only $17


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