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Simple and easy Timeclock Software!

If you are sick and tired of dealing with messy paper timecards and having to manually add up your employee's time totals, then Time Cards 2000 is for you!

From the desk of: Jody Graffunder
Date: April 20, 2024

timeclock softwareMany businesses start out needing timecard software that will simply calculate totals, but as a business grows, this can become very time consuming. At this point, they realize the benefits of having access to a program that automatically records times and totals as employees punch their timecards. A time clock that attaches to a computer can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Our solution is to make a way for employees to clock in and out right on the computer. That way the times are captured instantly with no errors. And with Time Cards 2000, you still retain the option of manually entering employee times, so the program can grow with your business needs.

timeclock software

When creating Time Cards 2000, we wanted to give the user options that other programs of the same price ranges don't offer. Generally, you have two options. The first option involves the use of a manual time card system. The drawback of this option is that the user must manually enter the times into the computer. The second option involves the use of a clock that actually plugs into a computer. The benefit of this is the elimination of possible human errors, but the drawback is the high price. That's where Time Cards 2000 comes in.

timeclock software

Time Cards 2000 replaces messy, handwritten timecards, mechanical time clocks and time sheets.


timeclock softwareEliminate the possibility of human error from manual time card entry because employees clock in and out right on the computer.

timeclock softwareThe detailed report shows all Punches, for all Employees, for any date selected on one screen. Time Cards 2000 is simple enough for a single employee business... powerful enough to handle thousands!

timeclock softwareWorks on all Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP computers. All data is exportable. Employees use the Punch Screen to clock in and out by entering a user name and pass code. The program is easy to install and operate. Time Cards 2000 allows the user the ability to edit "Punch-Times" directly, using either time cards or on-screen reports.

timeclock softwareCalculates across one or many days so it is ideal for any shift. Use Time Cards 2000 as a personnel program to organize the important details about each of your employees.

timeclock softwareYou are able to log detailed notes on each employee that are easy to access and update.


timeclock software


Two levels of password protection prevent unauthorized tampering. An authorized user (manager) may print the Clock-in/Clock-out Report, which shows the time logged for all users, in summary or detail form. The manager also has the ability to manually correct clock-in and clock-out entries. Users may clock-in/clock-out as many times as is required during the day.


timeclock software


"I love Time Cards 2000. It does everything I need it to and for a great price"

Andy McMullin


You'll get the power to:

timeclock softwareAllow employees to clock in/out on a PC.
timeclock softwareRun numerous screen reports.
timeclock softwareDo printed reports.
timeclock softwareDo a special signature report for your employees to sign and keep on file.
timeclock softwareInstantly run totals for transfer into your accounting software.
timeclock softwareCut payroll from hours down to minutes!


If you purchase Time Cards 2000 today, you have the option of adding our Time Lock program for 29% OFF! This program was designed to keep your employees from changing the time on your computer before or after they clock in/out. That way they won't be able to pad their time cards and you'll be assured of getting accurate totals. You can use it by itself or with the Time Cards 2000 program.

My suggested retail price for the Time Cards 2000 is $39.00. However, I sell it for only $19.00. My customers who really want to purchase the software are happy to see the cost reduction from $39.00 to $19.00.

And if you purchase the package which includes the Time Lock program, your total cost is only $27.00.

That's almost 60% off!


Download Time Cards 2000 and Time Lock to try out free of charge.



Purchase Time Cards 2000
for $19 by itself.


Purchase the Time Lock/Time Cards 2000 package
for only $27.




I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely thrilled with Time Cards 2000! Let me prove it by allowing you a free trial of the software for 30 days. If you don't like it, just uninstall the software. It's that easy. Just click the download links above.

The prices for this offer will be going up in the near future. We've already raised the price once before and plan on doing it again, so don't wait to try out this software for your business.

To try this package out today! Simply fill in your name and email address below, and I'll send you the download links for both programs immediately!

timeclock software

P. S. Time Cards 2000 and Time Lock 2.1 are an unbeatable combination. They provide your total time clock solution. So don't wait for the price to go up again. Get your copies today!


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